Ca-Lab-fornia: On Demand

Come join the Labster California team as we explore how K-12 instructors can benefit from Labster’s entire science learning ecosystem: virtual labs, lab manuals, lab reports, 3D animated videos, and a library of 1000s of science images. We’ll be polling the audience throughout the discussion so you can hear from your fellow colleagues, contribute to the conversation, and even win a prize! Our goal is to make your teaching life easier by giving you the support you need to continue educating the next generation of scientists for many years to come. All attendees will receive a full trial access and resources for 30 days.

Topics Covered

Labster Overview: See how Labster can help inspire your students to think like scientists and pursue life-long careers in STEM. Our labs offer a fun and immersive way to offset some of the learning loss incurred due to the pandemic

Platform walkthrough: In depth look at our teacher resource page highlighting our content library, lesson planning resources as well as a live walkthrough of one of our most played simulations

Vision and Direction of Labster: Why we do what we do at Labster and a sneak peek of what’s coming next!

Try for 30 days: All attendees receive a full trial access and resources for 30 days! Must attend to receive access or schedule a one-on-one call if you can’t attend the sessions.